BR&WL Gaming

BR&WL (Board Role-playing & War-gaming League), gives players and GM’s the opportunity to just play our chosen games in private or public settings, with no record keeping, and lots of fun!


To join a BR&WL game, you just have to show up!

BR&WL players are able to play in any game and earn BR&WL Tokens, which can be used for rewards and abilities in other games.

Unlike many other Organized Play groups, there is no record keeping or logs that are required.

At the end of each game, the BR&WL BOSS (Game Master) rewards participants with BR&WL Tokens. These tokens are generally used as Experience Points in RPGS, or for gaining in game abilities (Like Re-rolls, auto success, or damage reduction). BR&WL Tokens are not limited to only the game you earn them in, and may be freely spent in future BR&WL games that a player joins.


The BR&WL BOSS, is a Game Master, who is running any one game or event. They are the coordinator for the event, and will distribute BR&WL Tokens at the end of the event.

To become a BR&WL Game Master, simply contact the BR&WL WARBOSS at [email protected].

New BR&WL BOSSES will receive 100 BR&WL Tokens to be used for BR&WL events they host.


BR&WL Tokens are useful to give players a sense of continuity for their characters and games. They allow rewards to be shared between games that each player takes part in.

As a GM, BR&WL Tokens give you a chance to run fun and dangerous encounters without having to overly worry about any imbalance those challenges might create. If things get a little too ‘dicey’ for players, they are easily able to exchange a BR&WL Token to help offset that danger.

GM’s are not able to spend BR&WL Tokens themselves, only the players are.


Generally, for each game a BR&WLer takes part in, they receive One(1) token for each hour of play. BR&WL Tokens may be saved from one game to another, and are not required to be spent at any time.


Each game or game type, has a list of options players may spend a BR&WL Token for.

For example: In Savage Worlds, players may spend a BR&WL Token to

  • Earn 3 Bennies
  • Add an extra Wild Die roll to a test
  • Add an extra d6 to a Damage Roll
  • Auto Soak up to 4 Wounds
  • Auto pass a Vigor Death Roll

Other games will have other options. Check with the BR&WL GM to find out more.

Most BR&WL games do limit the amount of BR&WL Tokens players can spend to 1 per hour played.


BR&WL offers players private and public events. BR&WL GM’s are able to host private or public events when they choose.

BR&WLers are able to join any game they wish, and use their tokens between public and private play.

Out goal is to offer BR&WL Gathers at FLGS and other locations once a quarter to give BR&WLers an opportunity to meet other BR&WLers and try new games with their BR&WL Tokens.


Our stretch goal is to offer the first BR&WL Convention “Game A Thon Con” in 2023!

We will be hosting a small convention in or near Houston, in 2023. Game A Thon Con will provide a full weekend of gaming around the clock, in addition to other events to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike!