Great Gaming Escape – Brazos Bend

The Board, Role-playing, & War-gaming League, is hosting it’s first Great Gaming Escape, Labor Day weekend Sept 3rd – 6th, 2021, at Brazos Bend State Park, just 30 minutes South-West of Houston!

Brazos Bend State Park – Group Hall

Starting Friday at 7PM and continues throughout the weekend. Over 32 hours of gaming events are available for you to enjoy. Even midnight games are offered for die-hards!

There is something for everyone! BR&WL hosts events for the ‘non-gamer’ too. Classic games slots allow everyone to join in the fun of playing with other BR&WLers!

Ticket prices are ONLY $130 per person!

Purchase includes all camping and day use fees, as well as meals, and registration for events.

Only a limited number of tickets are available based on a maximum occupancy imposed by the park, and are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

Just bring your own tent, folding chair, sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush and dice!

NOW OFFERING several ticket options to fit your schedule.


OPTION 1 ~ SAT AM – SUN AM : $60 per person
– Includes : Park Pass (2 days), Meals and Breakfast Sunday Morning, and Gaming Events
– Ticket valid from Sat Sept 4, 9am thru Sun Sept 5, 9am only.
– for this option visit:

OPTION 2 ~ SUN AM – MON AM : $80 per person
– Includes : Park Pass (2 days), Meals and Breakfast Monday Morning, and Gaming Events
– Ticket valid from Sun Sept 4, 9am thru Mon Sept 6, 4pm only.
– for this option visit:

FULL EVENT – Fri 5pm – Mon 4pm : $130 per person
– Includes : Park Pass (4 days), All meals and breakfast for the event, and all gaming
– Ticket valid for the entire Great Gaming Escape!
– For this option visit:

Please note: that there are no Friday Only tickets available, as you must leave the park by 10pm for a single day pass.

Check out a video of where we’ll be hanging!

Soft flat ground, perfect for tents!

Things to Do!

GAME! The Game Hall provides Air Conditioning and Lights, for your comfort and enjoyment!

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Gaming Hall with AC and Lights!

Grognard Grumble! Each morning, join the Grodnard’s Gathering as the sun rises, to chat about past games and enjoy some fresh campfire brewed coffee!

Eat! Meals are provided throughout the Escape. Each morning an assortment of breakfast items is available. Each afternoon, a hot-dog and sandwich picnic with all the trimmings. Each evening (Fri – Sun) a special dinner prepared by the BR&WL Halfling Chefs.

Snacks! Iced Tea (Sweet and Un), Cold Water, Coffee and Lemonade, is provided free throughout the Escape. Other snacks and sodas may be available for a modest price.

Smores! Each evening after dinner smores are available for those wishing to gather at the fire and enjoy fireside chats with other BR&WLers.

Tent Town Prizes

Camp Ground Layout

Each tent site is assigned to a Tent Town Row (Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Elf and Empire). Each row earns points towards the Great Gaming Escape championship, and is awarded a special prize during the awards ceremony.

While we don’t provide tents, sleeping bags, and chairs (please bring your own), we do have several camp masters to assist each BR&WLer in setting up their site.

Campfires are only be allowed at the group site, so you don’t need to worry about firewood.

Quiet hours are after 10PM each night, so gaming must be kept in the Gaming Hall, to allow for others to rest.


Great Gaming Escape Registration

Schedule of Events

Game Event Submission

Events Offered

  • Role-playing!
    • Dungeons & Dragons (any version)
    • Savage Worlds – SWADE (Fantasy, Deadlands and more)
  • Adventure Board Games!
    • Star Wars (Imperial Assault)
    • Dungeons & Dragons (Wrath of Ashardalon, The Adventure Begins)
    • Warhammer Quest (Silver Tower)
  • Board Games!
    • Rock Paper Wizards
    • Sheriff of Nottingham
    • Small Worlds
    • Terra Mystica
  • War Games!
    • Warhammer Underworlds
    • One Page Rules (Skirmish)
    • Space Hulk
  • Classic Games!
    • Yatzee
    • Poker (Texas Hold-em)
    • Monopoly
    • Catch Phase

Staff and Event GM Opportunities

For those who would like to be a part of the first Great Gaming Escape, we have several opportunities for you to consider.

Earn free registration if you’re able to fill the roles below:

Camp Guides: (16 hours) Help with setting up tents, tear down, maintaining the group campfire, setup and cleanup for meals. You would be servicing guests needs during event check-in and check-out. In addition, for each meal, you would help to setup and clean up the food buffets, as well as trash maintenance.

GM Games: 16 hours of events. For an event to count towards the 16 hour requirement, it must:

  • be open to 4+ players (not counting the GM)
  • occur during prime time slots (non-midnight game slots)
  • must be pre-approved games (submit here)

Please consider what type of gaming event you wish to run to interest the most guests possible. We have limited tables available so we are looking for some of the most in-demand events. Generally, 16 hours of events equates to 4 – 4 hour prime-time gaming slots.

For any further questions or to discuss your event submission, please contact the BR&WL Warboss.