Learning to Play in an RPG Sand Box

Tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) are a unique and exciting form of gaming that involves players taking on the roles of characters in a collaborative storytelling experience. Unlike video games, tabletop RPGs rely heavily on the creativity and imagination of the players and the game master (GM). As a player, it’s important to respect the adventure […]

To “Game Store” or “Game Home”?

Over four decades I have taken part in games hosted in many different type of settings. As one of the first Coordinators for the Adventurers League, I helped to grow the Dungeons & Dragons hobby throughout Houston. The friends I’ve met at all the places I’ve played have been memorable and enjoyable, and I would […]

Old School Narrative Combat

Why I Love AD&D 1st Edition Combat! Get ready for some true narrative combat!  While some aspects of AD&D combat may be intimidating and seem clunky, their purpose is to create a flow for combat that is both exciting and somewhat more realistic. With the Rules As Written (RAW) from AD&D 1st edition, your characters […]

Save Versus Poison or DIE!

On special occasions, I’ll revisit old adventures and run them for players who have never experienced them. One such adventure was the D&D Adventure “The Isle of Dread”. It’s fun exploring an old adventure with new friends, but also reliving what made gaming so much fun when I was a kid. And sometimes what didn’t. […]