Roll Initiative!

For the last 10 years, I’ve been coordinating and marshaling gaming events throughout the greater Houston area. Before that, I spent another 10 years in Orlando, Florida working with the convention industry. Every trade show I was a part of, made me think, “This would be a great setup for a game convention!”

Every gaming convention since, left me wanting more. While each was fun, and the time spent with friends was the main reward, there could have been just a bit more magic!

Most gaming conventions, offer the same volunteer Game Masters, and event coordinators. While some of these volunteers are the best I’ve seen, unfortunately, many others leave you with a ‘huh’ feeling, or that they were doing the bare minimum required to get a free convention pass.

Events also are organized in large rooms, with tables crowded together and attendees all desperately trying to hear one another over the cacophony. While we all want to play with friends, and take part in epic events, the environments could be designed better to allow for a more intimate and enjoyable fully immersive experience.

With BRaWL, I’m going to change that!

What is BRaWL?

In the early 1990’s, in Abilene, Texas, I started to run small ‘Game Gatherings’. Once a month, we hosted a dozen events and 48 hours of gaming. Our popularity demanded a name, and each member submitted and voted on what it should be. Out of that contest, came the “Board, Role-playing and War-gaming League (BRaWL), with the mission “We Just Want to Play!”. BRaWL, had been born!

As I moved around the country, BRaWL, followed me. At Gamesmasters, in North West Houston, we found a home. For many years, BRaWL, again hosted weekly events, monthly tournaments and more ‘Game Gatherings’.

Then, in 2002, after working 25 years and just graduating college, I retired and moved to Florida. BRaWL, retired with me.

Life is funny however, and though I loved fishing on the beach, and the simple life of early retirement, I wanted to do more. Continuing my tradition of living backwards, I married, had three kids, moved back to Texas and went back to work. And BRaWL’s coming with me!

New BR&WL, New Gaming Conventions!

Starting in the fall of 2021, BR&WL, is offering its first Gaming Convention, “Game-A-Thon-Con”!

BR&WL events are hosted by the best Game Masters and Coordinators available. Our GM Sanctioning program is designed to keep, and reward the Best GMs ensuring your events are remembered.

Our paid customer service focused staff, helps assist attendees in finding their events, and promoting an enjoyable experience.

Food and beverages choices are offered on-site. Deli and buffet style themed areas give attendees an opportunity to refuel without having to go off-site.

Social gathering themed areas provide friends the opportunity to meet and greet and rest. Events and shows give both gamers and non-gamers laughs and memories.

“Game-A-Thon-Con” offers hotel rooms on-site, or within easy travel. You don’t have to leave the gaming action to recharge.

So, together with my love of creating memorable events at some of the conventions you’ve all attended, and my experience within high volume and production trade shows, I am excited to announce, “Roll Initiative Everyone!” And discover together what BR&WL becomes.